Group Winner, Live Project, Graphic Design Festival Scotland 2016, Glasgow

Our society has slowly shifted away from being community-based and into more individualistic than ever before. In addition, urbanisation and technology has impacted the ways we communicate and socialise with people. Unless a well-structured system with an embedded social life is embedded is organised for you – such as workplace or universities – the digital age has impacting the way people socialise and social exclusion has become a big problem for certain groups of people.


To solve this problem, my project creates O,U2, an app concept for individuals to instantaneously meet or link with one another based on their shared and mutual interests or hobbies. Once users have filled their interests/hobbies through a detailed categories and subcategories option, they receive immediate notifications of people who share same interest and are in close proximity (GPS  tracked). This sets them up ready to meet and link at the spot.


With O,U2 socialising based on common interest has never been easier and faster.

O, U 2


aapplication concept