M.A. Thesis

Interdisciplinary project with School of Design and Textile Technology Center, University of Leeds


Wearable technology has become more popular in the last few years. While it is still considered a niche product, smart garments that are integrated with various technical functionalities is forseen to take the lead within the smart wearable market. But the big question is how to bring this product into the broader mass market?


The key is to transform a product that is only recognised as a tracker for body data used for medical reasons or physically active consumers, into a product for all types consumers within their daily routines. The targeted end consumer would wish to achieve their level of health awareness by tracking results at their convenience, at any point of time and day, in order to reach a level of well-being. However, this achievement should not be at the expense of comfort and fashionable styles; the end consumer does not need to sacrifice their personal identity in order to achieve well-being.

With the concept on RITE smart garment creator patch, the user can transform their own personal clothing or style into smart garments. He/she would not be following a fashion trend, instead personalising and taking their own garments to the next level. This is where health awareness and medical prevention meets individualised and personalised styles.